Our ancestors have taught us that the foundation of a wonderful wine starts in the vineyard.
Throughout the seasons, we diligently tend to the land, and all of the insightful vineyard practices that optimize grape quality and varietal character. Pruning, trellising, tucking, canopy management, hand harvesting—all of it is hard, meticulous work—a true labour of love. When harvest time arrives, our goal is to intervene as little as possible with the grapes as they convert into becoming fine wines. The result is always gratifying: wines that we are genuinely proud to have handcrafted. Wines that honour our family's heritage.
Glass Holder Plank

TWO in ONE - as it holds your appies and your wine glass! 

Produced from the Moores, a third-generation West Coast forest products family. They produce the Western Red Cedar grilling planks from raw wood to finished product at their mill on Vancouver Island. Use it as picnic plate first & then on the BBQ. www.bccoastalgrillingplanks.com for recipes/ details.

Size= 21x14cm.  This is a natural product, colour and grain will vary. 

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